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I love sports both as a spectator and, in no small manner, as a participant. I have always believed in the beneficial effects of exercise for keeping one healthy (as a preventive measure) as well as a tool to enhance our efforts to heal. I have been a triathlete for many years now and have completed several distances - including several 70.3 and full distance Ironmans. Therefore, I relate to our vibrant, local endurance-athlete community.
I have a unique understanding of exercise physiology and how it applies to cardiovascular disease. This allows me to both diagnose and advise those already training and/or competing. I have a clear understanding of how the training affects your cardiovascular system and what is supposed to be expected and "normal" or what could be a definitive sign of abnormalcy under those circumstances. For athletes, we cover training logs and physiologic logs and incorporate them into our evaluation. Also, we can assess those at the starting line of training in order to give them a clean bill of health in order to proceed to their sports goals. The American College of Cardiology, American Heart Associtation and the American College of Sports Medicine have very clearly deliniated guidelines pertaining what should be considered for testing before  engaging in any structured training efforts given your age and medical/familial history. Ask your trainner or coach about this before you start or make an appoinment for us to evaluate before, during or while you train! 


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