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Stem cell therapy is a remarkable bio-technology that has become the new frontier in many fields of medicine. Stem cells are located in many places in our bodies. No, we are not talking about fetal or umbilical cord stem cells. We are talking about adult stem cells. We all have large numbers of these stem cells inside of us and they are capable of turning into different types of tissues in our bodies to help us heal better and faster. 


These stem cells, given the right set of circumstances can help grow skin, blood vessels, bone, muscle and ligaments, among other types of tissues. They can be taken from one location in your body and relocated to another - allowing that area to heal quicker, better and more effectively with less scaring. You can think of it as an asset relocation (no medicine involved) because these are your own cells deployed where you need them most without the possibility of immunological rejection. 


More than 10 years of medical research in this field has allowed science to figure out how best to harvest these cells safely and in a fairly straight forward manner. By relocating (injecting or infusing) these cells to where they are needed they respond to that new location by changing and becoming the type of cell appropriate to heal the problem at that location. 

Human beings  have a high number of these cells in many locations throughout our bodies, but the highest, yet accessible, are located in our bone marrow (at the hip bone below your butt cheeks). In an ambulatory procedure that usually takes us a couple of hours in our office we are able to harvest  these cells and re-inject or infuse them back into you to help you. When we harvest these cells, we do nothing to them and simply re-deploy them to where they are needed. 


 In cardiovascular medicine we now know that stem cell therapy can potentially heal a non-healing ulcer in a patient with critical limb ischemia. It can restore  the vascularity to the corpus cavernosus and greatly improve Erectile dysfunction. Specifically for ED we have developed Revitastem, a revolutionary protocol incorporating stem cells at its core. Revitastem utilizes individualized low intensity shock wave therapy and taylored testosterone replacement in conjucntion with stem cells to produce unprecedented result.


    In a patient with previous heart attack and severe congestive heart failure, they can improve overall function of the heart. The information is vast but if you are facing an amputation because of failed attempts to revasculirize your legs (resting pain or non-healing leg ulcer) or have CHF (congestive heart failure) that continues to deteriorate despite best medical and/or device therapy; or you suffer from ED (erectile dysfunction) that no longer responds to medical therapy and might be considering a penile implant, you should strongly consider coming in for an evaluation for Revitastem protocol to asses weather this therapy could help. If  you respond to pills or injections, that means  stem cell and Revitatstem protocol will very likely be able to help as stem cell therapy improve blood flow like the pills/injections but in a more permanent way.



    WE ARE NOT A CLINIC, I sit with  every single one of my patients that is interested in having this done and after an extensive initial evaluation both physical and of all your medical and laboratory records then decide on a one to one basis if stem cell (or the Revitastem protocol) could indeed help you or not. By doing this I personally as an invasive cardiologist and researcher in cardiovascular medicine ensure that you receive treatment that is only appropiate for your individual set of circumstances and that the outcome will be optimal every time.



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