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Melvin A. Martinez-Castrillon, MD

I love what I do! It is not only becasue cardiovascular diseases is the number one killer in the U.S. today, but as far back as my first year in medical school, I wanted the challenge of tackling cardiac and cardiovascular disease.  I have been blessed with the opportunity to diagnose, treat, and care for those with cardiac and cardiovascular related  problems.

My trajectory in Miami have been one dominated by trying to stay clear of the "patient mill" mentalities that abound in our city. In our offices we treat our patients like family with an sense of transparency and care that would not be unusually found in your own house. We know our patients well, their families and even their pets! (no I don't treat pets, although my wife says we should). Hence, our company name Casa de Corazon (translates to"House of the Heart") implies our philosophy. Even our office layout with our welcoming open-desk design to our modern office decoration promotes an open, relaxed but contemporary environment to tackle the patients problems or concerns. Because of this, and not infrequently, we might meet for a cardiac concern but end up talking about some other subject that might happen to be the root cause of the problem. This is what I do, solve problems first and foremost.


I invite you to come in and bring your cardiac concerns, weather refered by your primary MD, for a second opinion or after a hospitalization or simply because you might have a cardiac question or concerns regarding obesity, Metabolic syndrome, Erectile dysfunction or exercise physiology, I will find a way to help.  

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