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Stem cells for erectile dysfunction.

Did you know that erectile dysfunction (ED) occurs in 40% of those males 40 years of age or older? Unfortunately it only gets worse from there, increasing in prevalence up until 70% for ages 65 and older!! Many would attest that sex is very much at the top of anyone's life essentials list of things they enjoy most. Research consistently shows that between 80 and 90 percent of men view sex as the most important aspect of their marriage/relationship. Sadly then is the realization that once we turn over 40 y/o so many start physically having problems in this area. It is not normal to have ED as we age and looking into the data about the causes of ED one founds that more than 84% of ED comes down to vascular flow problems. Many will seek help with an urologist when apropiate. There are a myriad of causes for ED but the final common pathway for the majority seems to be that blood flow into your penis becomes insuficient and re-establishing it improves ED. This is why a cardiovascular specialist might help, its about blood flow for most. Drugs like Viagra, Cialis, Levitra and others that improve temporarely blood flow into the penis, can help. We have seen great improvement in succesfully helping many with ED by using these drugs now for about 15 years. Unfortunately these drugs are plagued by their short acting nature and the inconvenience of having to take a pill in order to be able to have sex. This is discouraging to many.

Enter Stem Cell therapy! The data from using Autologous adult stem cell to treat ED for the past 10years is consistent in its results, over 82% response in restoring pre-ED sexual satisfaction. This procedure improves both the initiation of the erection and sustaining it to climax. Stem cells can re-grow blood vessels (angiogenesis) and this is why it works so well for this application. Stem cells injected into your penis would even also improve some with nerve damage as their ED cause. Is this a complicated or dangerous procedure to do? NO, Autologous Adult Stem Cell autotrasnsplantation is a long name but the procedure is done as an ambulatory one that usually takes less than 3hr from begining to end. Harvesting the cells from either fat or bone marrow, which means we aspirate and take away your "love handles" for fat or aspirate your hip bone for some blood, (if your thin enough that you have no love handles). This is done under local anesthesia and usually takes me about 10min to do. Once we have our fat or bone marrow blood sample, we process it and at the end we are usually able to yield about 5-10million viable stem cells. These cells are not changed in any way. These cells are yours and therefore no concern for immune reactions when re-injected. From there we proceed to inject them into your penis, in the corporae cavernosa, the main blood chamber of your penis. This is done sonography guided and only after we numb your pudendal nerve at its distal end, no pain gentleman. For most, two lines of 4 injection points would suffice. The whole procedure usually takes only a couple of hours. No disruption to work, as you can return to work the next day. You will feel some local swelling and discomfort after but should not keep you from your routine. This goes away completely after about 72hrs and you can resume having sex then, although the full results of the procedure will only start to be reported at about 5-6 weeks out for most.

If you have ED and currently use drugs like Viagra, Cialis and or Levitra with success, this only confirms that Stem Cell injections WILL work for you since this is exactly what these drugs do temporarily but Stem Cell can improve permanently. No more pills or a penile implant. Come talk to us and see if this is something that can help with your ED.

Reach out to us if you like to know more, for an appoinment go to:

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